Here are resources for using the Virtual Environments Studio and for VR/AR development.

Studio Resources

  • (Coming Soon) Booking System – A form to book time in the studio.
  • Job Ad – Want to work at the Virtual Environments Studio? The job ad lists job responsibilities and contains a link to the application form.
  • Request an Experience – Fill out this form to request that we add a new game/experience/software to the studio. All requests will be reviewed against our acquisition policy.
  • Acquisition Policy – The studio’s policy for the types of experiences we will and will not acquire for the patron use.
  • List of Available Experiences – View a list of the experiences we currently have available in the studio.
  • (Coming Soon) VR/AR Workshops – A list of upcoming workshops held by the library, including those related to VR and AR development.

Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality Development


  • Unity – A common VR/AR development software. Free for non-commercial projects.


  • – Virginia Tech provides free access to, a technology training site that has detailed video tutorials on software like Unity.